Letters of Hope

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your concern and compassion for our Kenyan partner project, Wind of Hope in the Arid. Every morning since the disputed Kenyan election of December 27th, 2007, I have spoken with Khadija Rama, the founding director of Wind of Hope in the Arid to make sure her community is safe. Currently, her community finds itself in a terrifying crisis– innocent people in Kenya houses are being burned down and 255,000 people have been displaced. Many HIV positive people who have long been healthy thanks to medication can no longer take the life saving drugs because of their lack of nutrition, and are rapidly becoming ill. On Jan. 24, 2008, The Economist reported, “Kenya remains deeply divided and unstable. Politically motivated killings, hackings and gang rapes continue in the towns and in volatile county districts. The economy is faltering.”
This is a potentially devastating crisis for a country that was long considered one of the most stable and promising in Africa. There are ways, though, that we can help:

1. Donate online to Mama Hope. 100% of your donations will go to help the victims of the crisis. We have been and will continue sending money to ensure that the 35,000 people being cared for by Wind of Hope receive the food and medication necessary to survive.

2. Take a few moments to write a note of encouragement to the people of Wind of Hope. It has been such a huge comfort to the community to know that we support them during these difficult times. If you work with children, ask them to write to the children of Isiolo. You can send your emails to khadija@mamahope.org. I will also read them your messages daily over the phone and post them on our blog Yours in Hope: Letters to Kenya for our other donors to read. For suggestions on what to write please click here.

3. Take a few moments to send this email on to friends and family. It is amazing the strides we can make when we work together.

When I spoke this morning with Khadija she told me, “Please tell all your donors that they are making a difference. We would not be able to survive this crisis without Mama Hope’s support. Your prayers are a source of strength and the knowledge that you care about our country makes our people strong and gives us hope this crisis will soon end.”

Thank you again for your donations and words of encouragement!

Yours in hope,


Nyla Moore Rodgers
Director & Founder
Mama Hope
P.O. Box 843
23 Ross Common, Suite 10
Ross, CA 94957
Tel: 415.461.4858
Fax: 415.461.0300

-“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
~Margaret Mead


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