A homecoming full of new beginnings

Driving away from the Nairobi airport I remembered my first time arriving in Kenya.  The wide-eyed way that I viewed the city, the people, the food, the love and warmth I felt flowing through everyone I met.   

It is now my 5th trip here and it feels more like a homecoming then just a field visit. I have the amazing Mama Hope Team with me which is incredible because I feel so supported and I love to share this experience with them.  It is Bryce’s 4th trip with Mama Hope and it is Khary’s and Amy’s first time to Africa and it is wonderful to hear all of their impressions.  Amy reminds me of myself when I first got here.  She is in love with all the children and is documenting everything from the strange trees to the beautiful women balancing bananas on their heads.  We are sharing a room and she is up first thing in the morning at the roosters call ready to go experience everything.  Her excitement is contagious and has chased away all my jet lag and made this trip so fun!  Khary has more of an introspective view and is fascinated by the people, their personalities, and their stories.  He is taking the time to connect with everyone, learn the language and is making friends really quickly.  Bryce is like an old pro.  He knows Nairobi really well; he is practically fluent at Swahili and has been amazing at making sure everything is taken care of smoothly.  Me, well…I am just proud to be here with such an amazing group of individuals to represent Mama Hope.  

The Mama Hope Team on the border of Tanzania and Kenya


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