Katherine Theus arrives in Ghana to begin construction of the Refuge Orphanage Center!

I’ve been in Bawjiase for a little over a week now, and it feels like I’ve come home. The children of the Refuge Orphanage Center are happy and healthy–three have returned to live with their families, and we have two new additions, Paco and Joe. Paco is about 12 years old, and spends his days at the orphanage and night at home with his family, and Joe is about four and lives at the Refuge Orphanage Center full time.

The construction of the new dormitory is already underway, thanks to Akwaaba, a Czech non-profit that Mama Hope has partnered with to build the new orphanage. 11,000 cement blocks are being made, iron rods have been put into the ground, and the foundation is being poured this week.  It’s amazing to see how quickly goals are accomplished when the proper resources are made available!

Akwaaba has also paid for the enrollment of the school-age children in a nearby school, so 12 of them proudly head off every morning in their blue uniforms with backpacks on. The younger children continue to be taught in classes held at the orphanage each morning.  A soccer team has been started for the older boys, who practice twice a week and play other teams in town.

This coming weekend, we are planning to take the older children to Cape Coast, providing the weather cooperates. Many of them have only been to the coast a couple of times, and this will give them a chance to visit the old British fort and learn about the slave trade that dominated much of Ghana’s history.



Beginning stage to build the foundation of the Refuge Orphanage Center.



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