Greetings from Bawjiase!

Everything is going well here in Ghana, although the power has been off for most of the last three days, and there have been intermittent rainstorms since Sunday, which makes construction of the dormitory difficult. We should hopefully be back on track by tomorrow morning.

Irene, who is about six, and Kwashie, who is five, got sick a few days ago and were taken to the clinic, but they both seem to be doing fine now. Medical responsibilities have for the most part been taken over by Kwame, who is a Ghanain living at the orphanage. They are slowly becoming less and less dependent on volunteers, which is a great thing to see.

A couple stories:

-Zinabu, who is about four years old and a bit overweight, tends to try and eat everyone else’s food. She asked Fifa, who helps at the orphanage, if he would share his lunch with her (after she’d already eaten), and when he said no, she told him he was going to hell!

Zinabu, age 4

-Four of us volunteers went to church with the children on Sunday, which was a new experience for me. We didn’t understand most of it because it was in Twi instead of English, but it was interesting to watch, and the drumming and dancing was lots of fun. At one point Pastor got up and talked about each of us, and it was really nice to to be acknowledged by him.




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