A day in the life/volunteering at the orphanage

Hello from Bawjiase! Here is what a normal day in the Refuge Orphanage Center consists of, for the children and volunteers:

-The volunteers are up and at the orphanage by 6:30 am. The older children have already bathed and eaten by that time, and we usually pass them on their way to school, which is a 2-minute walk from the orphanage. We bathe the 8 younger children and have them brush their teeth, then serve them breakfast, and head back to the volunteer house for breakfast at 8:00 am.

-From 9-12, the younger children are in school at the orphanage. We use the time for chores: going to market on Tuesday/Friday, helping Sister Akua with laundry, or taking children to the clinic when needed.

-Lunch is at 12 back at the volunteer house, and from 12-3 is break, as it is the hottest part of the day and no one wants to move, much less move outside. This is naptime, or time to fetch water from a nearby well for the volunteer house. The older children get out of school at 2:00, and head back to the orphanage for lunch.

-From 3-5, the volunteers do activity time with the kids. This includes coloring, going to the park, playing with legos, pipe cleaners, playdoh, etc. A couple days ago we took all the children on a walk to the construction site, which they loved.

-PM bathtime is at 5:00, and the volunteers head back to the volunteer house for the night at about 5:30. The children have dinner, and go to bed at various times, depending on their age.

If you have any interest in playing a more active role in supporting the Refuge Orphanage Center, why not come visit and volunteer??  The website to apply is http://www.ghanaorphanage.org, and working with these children is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have–it certainly has been for me!



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