Today is a national holiday in Ghana, although I’m not sure what it is we’re celebrating, and everything is running as usual.  We were planning to take the older children on a hike in a forest reserves in a nearby town, but they ended up being in school today.

More of the 11,000 blocks are being constructed for the new dorm this week, while we wait for the cement flooring to dry.

The dorm is being funded in part by Akwaaba, a Czech organization started earlier this year to benefit the orphanage. CEO and founder Vladimir Visek first came to Bawjiase last summer, and has since spent eight months living and working in Ghana. Akwaaba, which means “welcome” in the local language, Twi, regularly holds concerts and fundraisers for the orphanage in the Czech Republic, and all the proceeds go toward the daily upkeep costs: food, salaries, health care, school, etc.

Vlad and Promise, age 13


-During pm bathtime recently, Kwashie Tetteh, who is five, announced he was going to visit the farm, and went running down the road. He had nothing on by his sandals and a sponge in his hand.

Kwashie Tetteh

-On our recent trip to the construction site with the children, Vlad told Mechak, who is two, to head on down to the farm and report back on what needed to be done. He said yes, and off he went, waddling down the road! One of the older children had to chase him down and bring him back.


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