What a fun day today has been! Another volunteer, Melinda, and I spent the afternoon learning how to make fufu with Linda, a local Bawjiase woman. Fufu is made of casava, plantain, and garden egg, which are boiled until soft, then pounded with a mortar and pestle until it becomes a soft, gooey mass. It is then eaten with soup, usually either palmnut or groundnut, and with chicken or fish. We made ours with fish and groundnut soup, and the whole process took about three hours! It’s amazing the work that goes into cooking here; everything was cooked on a coal stove that constantly needed to be fanned to keep the coals hot, everything was cut by hand, and the pounding and folding of the fufu takes a lot of work. But it was worth it, our first attempt at fufu was delicious!

Chopping and peeling casava

The final product–mmmmm!

Another funny story from recently: We went to go buy water for the volunteer house, which comes in bags of 25 500ml bags. I had a bag on my head, which is how people normally carry things here. As I was walking out of the gate of the store, a chicken that was sitting on a nearby ledge freaked out and hit me full-on in the face! I just barely managed to keep the bag on my head!


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