Field trip to Cape Coast

We took the school-age children to Cape Coast yesterday, which was a great time. It’s a 3 1/2 hour drive each way, so we left around 9:00 am.  When we arrived, we all had lunch, and then took the children on a tour of Cape Coast Castle. The castle, a World Heritage Site, was one of the largest slave-holding sites in the world during the Colonial era. It was run by the British for almost 200 years, and represents on of the darkest periods of Ghanaian history. We took the tour in Twi so the children would understand everything, and it was obvious that what they heard and saw had an impact on them, especially seeing the dungeons where their ancestors were held for months at a time. It’s a depressing and sobering experience, but an educational and insightful one as well.

The kids with Kwame and Nana

After the tour we spent about an hour at a nearby beach, which the children always get a kick out of.  Most of them had never seen the ocean until late last year, so it is still a very new experience for them. Paco lost his underwear to the ocean, and Raheal, Akua, and Ezekiel spent most of their time collecting dead fish from the sand.

Raheal showing off her fish

The ride home took much longer than the way there, because our tro-tro was on its last legs. It died for good about ten minutes away from the orphanage, so we walked the rest of the way. About an hour from home Paco had a seizure, which scared everyone because we didn’t know he had them, and to watch for them. Once he stopped seizing, I spent the rest of the ride with his head in my lap and made sure he was breathing. He came to just before we got out of the tro-tro, but was pretty groggy and had a headache. He said that he’s had seizures before, so Pastor is going to talk to his parents and see if we can get more information.


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