Health insurance and dance parties

Good morning! The last few days have been pretty quiet, although it’s getting hotter and hotter. Paco hasn’t had anymore seizures, fortunately. He and Joe are the only two children who don’t have health insurance, so yesterday we took them to the clinic along with Kwame, who takes care of all the first aid, to have their pictures taken for the insurance cards. National health insurance in extremely inexpensive in Ghana: 6GH/year for children, and 8GH/year for adults. That amounts to about $4.20 and $5.60 each. The fact that so many people here don’t have it shows just how impoverished much of the 22 million population is.

Kwame giving Joe his daily vitamins

Today we are planning to have a dance party with the children in the afternoon. We have a couple CDs of popular Ghanaian music, and in Ghana, dancing is as natural and instinctive as breathing. Us “oborunis” (“foreigners” in Twi) are nowhere near as coordinated as even our smallest children, but no matter!

We are in the process of getting new sandals for the kids, as most of them have worn out or broken. This weekend will be spent sewing buttons and fixing zippers on school uniforms.

The construction of the new dormitory is coming along nicely;  sometimes it feels like nothing is happening, and I have to remind myself that life moves on a different schedule here. The weather also plays a major part in construction progress.


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