Farm Field Trip

Today I went for a walk out to the construction site and the orphanage farm with Akua, Nathaniel, and Ezekiel. I love all the children equally, but I’ve never really gotten to know these three. We talked about all sorts of things, from their favorite foods, to what subjects they like in school and what they want to be when they grow up. They are all eight years old, and Akua wants to be a school headmistress when she’s older, while Ezekiel and Nathaniel want to be soldiers. They also taught me the Twi words for various plants as we walked by them: coconut is “koobe,” casava is “banche,” and corn is “eblo.” It was especially nice to talk with Ezekiel, because although he is a great kid and a wonderful older brother to Agogo, he is also quite the troublemaker, and our interactions with him often involve dicipline.

All three of them loved being at the site and seeing where they will soon be living.  The building is up to window-level, and they had a great time going through each room and finding out what they were.  Ezekiel even picked up a sander and pretended to be a construction worker!

Ezekiel, pretending to sand a wall

Akua, in one of the three girls’ rooms

When we arrived at the farm we found plenty of crops ready to be picked, so we headed back to the orphanage cradling loads of green bell peppers, chilis, corn, garden eggs (eggplant). and large squash. The kids were very excited to bring food home to share, and proudly showed our bounty to the rest of the children.

Nathaniel picking chilis

This upcoming week is my last in Ghana, and I intend to spend as much time with the children as possible. Who knows-maybe I’ll come back to California with a couple!


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