Stories and Superstitions

Today has been a quiet day, so I thought I would share some recent funny stories.

-Min, another volunteer, was bringing water from the well for evening bathtime, which involves placing an almost full bucket of water on your head. It may sound off, but it’s how almost everything is carried here, from suitcases to food for sale, even televisions! Anyway, as Min was passing through a crowd of kids and trying to get under a clothesline, the bucket tipped a bit, and a healthy splash of water was dumped on Agogo’s head, who was still dressed. As us onlookers burst into laughter, I was fully expecting Agogo to burst into tears. In what can only be described as a miracle, Agogo just looked down at his soaked shirt in shock, and didn’t say a thing. I think the water may have rendered him speechless. I helped him get out of his wet clothes, and life went on as if nothing had happened.

-Pastor informed me this morning that if I noticed more than a normal amount of people coughing, it signifies that a hunchback recently passed away.

Me and Pastor

At least part of every day is spent re-locating lost shoes, replacing underwear that has somehow managed to be removed from bodies, and hunting for legos that have been squirreled away, usually by Kweku, our resident hoarder. Sandals that were put on clean “obebini” feet in the morning are missing by the afternoon, with the owner having no recollections of where they might have gone. And by evening bath most of the younger children are wearing at least one less article of clothing, usually their underwear. Kwashie in particular seems to misplace them, although today they only ended up backwards, instead of off altogether.

Me and Kweku


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