The Orphanage has a NEW NAME… United Hearts Children Center!!!

Lots of fun and exciting things have been happening at the orphanage, (as usual).  This past Monday we went to the beach, was SO SO SO fun.  We piled about 50 people in a 30 person tro tro, and made it to Kokrobite without any problems.  As soon as we got there, we spent the rest of the day playing in the water, burying kids in the sand, making sure no one was drowning, etc.  A lot of the staff came a long, and they seemed to have a great time too!  Here are some pictures:

It was a really fun day for everybody:)  The drive back went pretty smoothly as well (which is uncommon for beach trips).  Agogo was sitting on my lap and peed all over me, but that’s pretty typical.  Our tro tro driver also decided to buy a fridge and stick it in the back of our already crammed vehicle, which was both annoying and funny.  TIA (This is Africa) 🙂

Since then, things have been pretty normal.  The kids don’t go back to school until next monday, so things are a little out of “routine”.  Yesterday during activity time, we took the kids to a park that’s by the orphanage, and it started thunderstorming.  The thunder was SOO loud, that meshack (who didn’t have any pants on, as usual) pooped himself because he was so scared.  After cleaning him off with some coloring book pages, we all sat under a wooden structure for a little while, and then RAN home.  The kids were actually pretty scared, it was the biggest thunderstorm we’ve had in awhile.

Some other exciting news… We’ve officially decided to rename the Orphanage United Hearts Children Center!  We had to come up with a new name that met social welfare guidelines (which couldn’t have the word “orphanage” or “home” in it) and we wanted something that represented many people working together.  Becca, Vlad, and I brainstormed for quite awhile, and since all of us “left our hearts in Bawjiase”, we decided that United Hearts would be a good name!! And Pastor agreed!  VICTORY!!!

In other news, the building progress is going well, though they haven’t worked as much over the holidays.  Here is a picture of the current progress on the building:

In the coming weeks, they will start roofing!!  We’ve officially raised over $20,000 for my Mama Hope account, and Katherine and I together have almost $40,000! This is the bare minimum for what we need to finish the building, so please continue to donate and tell others to do so as well! I can’t say it enough, THANK YOU to all of you who have participated in this project! 🙂  Bawjiase continues to be the happiest place on earth, and I will update again soon about the progress of the new building 🙂

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