Pictures and Progress!!

It’s been awhile since I posted pictures, so I have decided to dedicate this blog to documenting the great things that happen over here in Bawjiase 🙂  FIRST, BUILDING PROGRESS!  While we have yet to start roofing, they are doing a lot of plumbing and electrical work on the inside of the building, which takes some time.  This week we took the kids to the site, and they had a long of fun playing around in their future home!

Future Dining Hall

Future toilets and showers

Hallway to the kids bedroom's

I am so excited about everything that’s happening at the site!  The progress is great, and the kids and staff at the orphanage are excited too.  We’ve also decided to invest in more land surrounding the building, hopefully to build structures that could hold goats and/or chickens.  They have started digging a well on the new building property as well, which is very important (can’t live without water!)

The start of the well

Recently I’ve been going to the farm in the afternoons to help water the cabbage.  They are doing such a great job, Nana (the orphanage secretary/teacher at the school) goes every day, and Pastor Elisha usually does too.  Pretty soon we should be connecting with a real farmer who will take charge, but we haven’t had the best luck with farmers in the past.  It’s great to see how committed the staff and kids are to working at the farm, they are doing such great work!  The cabbage should be able to be harvested in March, which (if all goes well) will bring about 1,800 GHC to the orphanage! (about $1,500). Sustainability in the making!


Well that’s about all I have for now!  This blog took me about 3 hours, my computer died twice, haha.  Hope everyone is doing well, more updates to come soon!

Lauren Wright


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