ROOFING HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED! VICTORY!  While we were thinking that it was going to start about 2 weeks ago, we are happy to report that the carpenters are working diligently to put a roof on our building! Here is a picture :

WOOHOOOO! It’s so amazing to watch the progress, and it’s thanks to people like YOU that we are able to put a roof over our children’s heads!  Our number one priority now is finishing the new building, and Katherine and I have over $5,000 more we need to raise to make this a reality.  So please keep on telling others about this project!  Donations keep rolling in, and any little bit helps!  Thank you (always!) for your support!

In other exciting news, United Hearts new website is officially up and running!  Check it out!  This site will continue to be updated with information on our current projects, and we appreciate any and all feedback!

More information about the sustainability projects will be coming soon… We’re still waiting for estimates for goats and chickens, and prices are continuing to climb after the new year.  But these things always work themselves out, even if it takes awhile (T.I.A.)

Things are continuing to go GREAT here, the kids are beautiful and wonderful and happy 🙂  This is a pretty short blog, but I’m pretty hungry so I’m gonna go home and eat. hehe.  More updates soon!

Lauren Wright 🙂


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