Mehwatche! (it’s been awhile!)

It’s been awhile since my last post, mostly due to the fact that Bawjiase internet is never working, and I have limited money for traveling to Kasoa.  Spending 30 cedis during the month of March has proven to be rather challenging, so here are some of my thoughts:
– Due to the new year and increase in oil prices, things are becoming more expensive in Bawjiase.  Everything from pure water, to food, to tro tro rides have increased, and until my one cedi per day endeavor, I didn’t really have to think about it.  I can understand how prices increasing by even 5 or 10 pesewas makes a difference, and it makes living from day to day more difficult.
– While it’s relatively easy for me to save money for a couple days to buy phone credit or go somewhere, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do this if I didn’t have all my meals provided for me, medicine if I need it, and a house to live in.  My little challenge is nothing compared to how most people actually live, and while it’s challenging for me, it’s not my life. And I often find myself thinking about how I would feel if it actually was my life.
– There is a spirit in Bawjiase of generosity that I haven’t found among people anywhere else, and I’ve now realized how amazing this generosity actually is.  While I find myself being protective over my one cedi, people here are always lending each other money, sharing food, inviting people to stay with them.  I’ve been challenging myself to spend at least a small portion of my money on someone else, and it’s  harder than one might think.  I have an always-expanding admiration for the people here.

Overall, this exercise is proving to fulfill it’s purpose: It’s challenging and making me think!  And I would recommend to anyone to embark upon a similar challenge.  It’s good for the soul you know? 🙂

In other news: The roofing sheets are going up this week for the new building!  VICTORY!  My computer won’t let me put pictures up, but I promise I will soon!  Unfortunately, the roofing sheets were more expensive than expected (due to price increases, and some needed modifications of the original estimate).  So please continue to tell others to donate!  Right now we have enough money in the Mama Hope account to finish the roofing, but we still have to finish the inside (doors, cupboards, floors, etc).  While I’m waiting for the modified final estimate, I can tell you that now more than ever we are in need of donations!  Thank you SO MUCH to those who have donated so generously, without you we wouldn’t have gotten this far!

In other exciting new: My family is coming tomorrow!  My mom, Dougie, and Wes will be arriving in Accra tomorrow afternoon, and I am so excited to see them!  They are coming with many suitcases full of donations from Covenant Presbyterian Church, and I am so grateful for the generosity of the people of this congregation!  You’re making a difference in the lives of  some beautiful children 🙂

Other things worth mentioning:
– March 6th was Ghana’s Independence day, and there was a great parade from different schools, organizations, and businesses in Bawjiase.  Grace and Mary marched for Presby school, and Vlad took some great pictures that can be seen on the United Hearts facebook page.  They were so proud, and they should be.  Ghana is the best country EVER.
– In the past weeks I’ve tried some interesting food.  While Gus, Vlad, and Sophie, all ate significant portions of this food, I only took a small bite of each (I’m not as brave as my fellow volunteer pals). We ate Grasscutter (a giant rat that is considered the best meat in Ghana) and snails.  Grasscutter tasted like pot-roast with an after-taste of poo, and snails tasted like the bottom of lake Michigan. yummmy.
– For all of our friends who may be wondering.. Spencer is alive and well in Ghana!  He got here on Tuesday, and is adjusting very well!  He’s doing great here 🙂
– Our dear friend Vlad is leaving next week, much to my distress and dismay.  He’s been here for the past 8 months (but in total from all his trips to Bawjiase, over a year!).  He has done such amazing work at the orphanage, and he will be greatly missed. 😦 meh soo papapapa! (I will cry!)
-This past week, Chelsey and Sophie took Agogo to the psychiatric hospital in Cape Coast, to get him new medicine for his epilepsy (we realized before that his previous medicine was ineffective).  Since we were all leaving early that morning, Agogo came to the volunteer house for a sleep-over, and he slept with me in my bed!  He spent most of the night with his giant head resting on my belly 🙂

Well, that’s all I have for now: Next time I will add pictures!


Lauren Wright


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